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My rules:
1. Give me credit
2. Edit all you want :D
~ as long as rule #1 is followed
3. Redistribute all you want :D
~ As long as rule #1 is followed
~All I ask is a little creativity, changing the colors on my meshes and that's it is not creative, all you have to do is change SOMETHING besides just the colors and your good :D
5. No making money off my stuff... EVER!
~ I own these models/parts 100% because I make them 100% from scratch in a 3D modeling program. (Not just edit other people's work into a "new" model) If anyone has earned making money off these things it's me.
6. Have fun.

Optional Rules:
~Rules you don't HAVE to do but would be totally cool if you did.
1. Link me to what you make/do with stuff I made.
~ I just think it's cool to see what you people do :D
2. Feed me ideas for MMD Stuffz
~ I get bored, your ideas often save me from boredom :D
3. Feed me ideas for Tutorials.
~ Mqo, PMDe, or MMD, anything you want to learn or just see as confusing let me know and I'll make a tutorial for it :D
4. Give me a new challenge that I've never done before.
~ My greatest fear is that eventually I will hit the point at which there is nothing else to learn. I love learning new things as well as I love challenges and they also help me realize that even 5 years after I started modeling because of a stupid idea called duplicating Miku Hatsune because I loved her over all design. I'm no where near done learning everything :D

Commissions/Request Slots Currently Open:Commissions/Request:
I know I know, "RJ, you always do everything for free because you see this as more of a fun adventure and a hobby than a job"
I still see it that way I really do, It's just...
Idk, I want to be able to become better for you guys and well, Miku isn't cutting it!
So yes I'm using this as a means of getting more experience with things I've likely never done before or even just more practice on account of because I can.
I'll try to make this as simple for you guys as I can :D
So, first thing's first!
What is the difference between a Commission and a Request in my mind?
(I'll put more detail after this but for now I'm just gonna give you a basic idea)
A Commission:
~ is something I do myself, by means of a large amount of effort or not using other's model parts.
A Request:
~ is something that I make none of the parts for or a model that just needs a little fixing up.
     ~Examples: Model Edits that you provide all the parts for, Bone/Physics/Rigging fixi
My Rules:Alright!
The one thing you guys don't want to read xD
I'll make this short, sweet and simple. I do have non-required rules but those will come later.
On to the boringness that is rules and regulations:
1. Credit:
        - This is the easiest rule to follow, Credit where Credit is due. I'm only asking for my name to be found somewhere in a little mention bubble stating that I made something :D
It can even be 1pt font (or smaller if possible) as long as it's there you're good :D
2. Editing:
        - Link me to what you make :iconbegplz:
No, seriously, I have zero issues with this, Edit all you want as long as you don't like recolor and call it a day. (parts can be recolored as long as they are being recolored for a useful reason of some kind) My only requirement is if you do edit my stuff...
Pretty pretty pretty PLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Link me to what you make with it or credit me with :iconRJMMD: so that I can see what you do! :iconb


Custom Dolls
 I started making these a while ago, but I figured it was high time I made the collection grow.
Examples Left to right:
Leppy - Made for St. Patrick's Day 2012
Mayor - Made because I wanted to 2012
Nukupoid - Made as a B-day gift for Nukude 2015

What I will need:
~ At least 1 decent reference image (more than one is welcome as well)
~ To know the character's name

All info can be given to me via Note or comment on my page :D

~ Nothing Official or Cannon
    - I mean I'm open to the idea, I'd just rather not deal with copyright and all that because I am after all charging for these cute little things :D

~ Please do not pay me until I have confirmed that the Doll is completed and ready to be sent your way.
    - This just makes it easier for me :D

~ You must Own the character/design in question
    - Only exception I'm willing to have to this one is if your having the doll made FOR the character/design's owner as like a gift or something. In which case I'd say you should give me the info needed via note so that they can't see that your doing so for them :D





RJMMD has started a donation pool!
325 / 2,396
Everything I do for MMD is 100% free.
This however is for anyone who wants to add to this. this is an optional thing.

The number on here is just how much is needed for Premium membership, you can ignore it if you want :D

You must be logged in to donate.
You know instead of this being like one of those:
"You play this game too much when..." type things
I'm just gonna give you my proof.

Let's Play A Little MMD GameRandomness....Video!
A. Motion that will be used (Pick a number) 1 to 1365 (yes I have that many motion in my folder!)
B. Models (Pick one number) - 1. Vocaliods 2. Anime 3. UTAULOIDS (Go to that number and pick a number)
For 1. - 1 to 62 (vocaliods)
2. - 1 to 65 (Anime Model Folders)
3. - 1 to 50 (Number of Voice banks I have)
C. Stages (pick Three numbers) - 1 to 379
D. MME (Pick Three numbers) 1 to 119
A. 246
B. 1. 15
C. 15, 56, 73, 
D. 65, 12, 5, 
Which is:
motion: Diamonds
stage: Ant Size, city stage, cog stage
MME motion Blur, AMR butterfly, BRSEyeFlame
I will do one for each person!
Share if you want to!
1. :iconmajastral:
motion: Fuwari motion crayon
Model: Rue Cross
stage:[MMD] Anime University, monotonehall, Kaimodel
MME: Butterfly_v002, AutoLuminous2, Snow Butterflies
camera DL -
2. :iconyami-hotaru-yuko:
motion: FashionMonster_Ver.

So Using MMD too much is by no means a bad thing. Basically anyone reading this right now is guilty of the exact same thing.
(I am too for peat sake)
Anyway, this is actually just a fun thing that a friend of mine decided to do and the results are actually kinda entertaining xD

Anyone who wants to have fun, check this out and play all you need to do is type a few letter and numbers takes like 3 minutes I kid you not.
Past results are listed in the journal entry (linked above) as well.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello, My name is RJ or Manatsu Rei. (or if you know me on Youtube RJMMD629)

Avatar made by *Veemonsito

I actually end up lurking on here quite a bit, so any time I'm online I will have this thing open:…

Feel free to ask me questions about anything I do on this account or even challenge me to a round in a V-Game.



To those of you who are wondering why I'm not showing off Miku as of late:
1. Here's her last W.I.P. that I will ever post of her: Miku Hatsune RJMv3.0 Final Wip by RJMMD
2. Facials are being stupid, glitching out on me (Now an easy fix) as well as I R-E-A-L-L-Y don't want to rig her hair TT_TT

As of right now I'm actually playing around with toons as well as fixing that little facial glitch I mentioned.
If I rig her hair at all today it will be later today (like 6-7 hours from my posting this later at the earliest)

Just messing around a little before I have to head off to work is all :D
Getting There
We're slowly getting there.
She's starting to look relatively right now that she doesn't have Miku's coloring and I changes a bit of her sizing to not exactly match Miku.  

Things needed to be added:
~ Buttons down that pink thing in the middle of her shirt.
~ Pockets above boobs with corresponding buttons
~ Completely redo the sleeves (because I can only get away with so much using Miku's)
~ Headphones.

It's odd to look at that list and realize I started her and have given her maybe an hour of my time to get her this far xD
(making her off Miku really helped cut down time, as well as the fact that I didn't N-E-E-D to remodel the hair)
I could technically finish her modeling today if I wanted.
Facials are already done on this face so I could seriously think about starting to rig her sometime in the next 2-4 hours (depending on how the sleeves and pockets go).
Of course that's calculated time it would take of actually working on her, not how much time it will take from the time this is posted xD

I just wanted a better Wip image than what I had. Because that was seriously just a Miku recolor with Teto's hair on it.
Reality Check
So, I'm an idiot.
I didn't realize that my 2.0 and 3.0 bases were this different until this moment in time.
Nor did I realize exactly how much improvement there was between the two.

I do plan on Teto having wings again, it is after all in her character design so why not? xD

But seriously, how on earth did I improve without being self aware of it?

I know I know, "RJ, you always do everything for free because you see this as more of a fun adventure and a hobby than a job"
I still see it that way I really do, It's just...
Idk, I want to be able to become better for you guys and well, Miku isn't cutting it!
So yes I'm using this as a means of getting more experience with things I've likely never done before or even just more practice on account of because I can.

I'll try to make this as simple for you guys as I can :D

So, first thing's first!
What is the difference between a Commission and a Request in my mind?
(I'll put more detail after this but for now I'm just gonna give you a basic idea)

A Commission:
~ is something I do myself, by means of a large amount of effort or not using other's model parts.

A Request:
~ is something that I make none of the parts for or a model that just needs a little fixing up.
     ~Examples: Model Edits that you provide all the parts for, Bone/Physics/Rigging fixing.

Ok, so now that you have a basic idea of what the difference between request and commissions are to me it's time to go a little more in depth.

~Loop Holes~

Everyone's got loop holes right?

Well, I'm gonna make this easy for you and a little more fun as well by telling you how to break
(Yes I said break) my whole commissions system I've got here. :D

The easiest and most obvious loophole ever!

I will only commission a model if it is an OC, FC, Utau you Own, etc.
~ Later on this is phrased more like :"No official characters please" simply because I'm wanting to be smart and not get in trouble with the owners of official characters by charging money or points (which can easily be converted into money) to make them into 3D models without their permission.

I will commission a character that is not yours as long as you have permission for me to do so.
~ Saying Commissions are actually worth real money I don't care if it's a small amount. Again
just trying to stay out of the whole "You're selling a model/character you don't have rights to."

~Multiple Request only equal 1 slot:
  - How this works is I am willing on a few of my offers here to make your request or commissions only fill up one slot. (That way it makes things easier for me by having slots still open as well as makes you not have to worry about limitations and such) There are a few guidelines I request you do follow with this loophole only for my sanity's sake. (It's already dead according to a grave on my Minecraft server that I own, I don't need it to die here too xD)
  - Please remember multiple projects do take time: What I mean by this is simply that even though this is a loophole, please don't take advantage of it by saying you want 20 edits, 15 tutorials and 100 custom made parts for a series you plan to make. Yes I am willing to do that for you but please limit your request to like 3?
Commissions I would like to limit to like 2-3
Request 3-ish
and from scratch models I am going to say will be the one thing on here that this loophole does not apply to due to how much "harder" it is from everything else here.
If you want me to do the 20 Edits, 15 Tutorials, and 100 custom made parts all you really would have to do is have multiple request done over time. (I'll get to that in a minute, next loophole) As well as obviously have enough points or money for the 100 custom made parts which I've not yet added to this list under commissions for some odd reason xD

Multiple Request/Commissions:
After I finish a request or commission for you that doesn't mean I'll be all like: "Welp, that's done! Next in line! Oh you want another one?! HOW DARE YOU?! Don't you know I only do one thing per person!?" -random ranting about how hoity toity I am, how much better than "common folk" I am, you know the regular I'm the best in the world type rant which normally ends in people hating you-
After I finish a request or commission for you, there is no limit to how many more I will make for you. I may put you in a Que of sorts behind other people like right after I finish a project for you but after that by all means I'll do another request and/or commission for you.


What Can I Request?

Alright, since this is likely what you guys will enjoy more since it is the free option and such why not have it listed first?

~Full Models from Scratch~
"Doesn't that mean a custom model made in a 3D modeling program like Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Google Sketch Up, or Metasequoia?" That's exactly what it means. Now keep in mind that this is only here due to that little loop hole I mentioned before. Anything outside the loop hole will be a commission.
1. You must not own the character/The Character must be officially from a TV Series, Movie, V-Game,
Phone App, Anime, Etc. / The Character must be Cannon.
~ Fanime and fan made series do not count.

2. I must have at the very least reference images for: Front view of face, full body front/side/back.
~If you can not find the reference images required I can Google image the character
myself in which case I will require the character's name and what they are from.
~ Please note: If I can not find a ref for the character I will not be able to make
a model for it.

~What You End Up With~
- If all goes right your favorite characters from games, TV, anime, etc. In MMD.

MMDNewcomer Kasane Teto 2.0 (RJM) Model Download by RJMMD

~Model Edits~
Complex or easy, it's all the same basic process of how it's done. An Edit is in it's most
simply form a model which uses 100% pre-made parts to come into existence. On the more simple levels Miku into Zatstune or Neru meanwhile the more difficult ones would be on the level of Nukupoid, Yuyupoid and really anything submitted to the MMD-Mall's Model of the Month.
1. I need links to 100% of the parts. I'll do all the work after that, but 100% of the parts do need to exist already.
2. In the case that I have to make a part for this, please look down at my model part commissions.

~What You End Up With~
- A model edit that is well put together with clean physics and rigging.

~Model Fixes/Help~
What I mean by model fix is simply what it sounds like. If you have a model that is not rigged correctly, has issues with physics, doesn't have a part attach correctly, a part doesn't fit, the whole model is white, or anything else like that it fits under here.
1. I need to know what the issue at hand is, as well as a file of the model itself so that I can fix it
for you.
~What You End Up With~
- A model that has had the issue at hand fixed.

To put this simply, anything you don't know how to do in PMDe, PMXe, Metasequoia, or MMD would go under here. These are tutorials that I record and then upload to my Youtube page.
1. Let me know what you would like the tutorial to be on and what program I would be primarily using. For instance Facials can be added in Metasequoia, PMDe, and PMXe in this case I'd have to know which program you would like to learn in if not all of the above.
~What You End Up With~
- A useful tutorial uploaded to youtube that you can watch anytime to learn how to do what you were wondering about how to do.


What are the Commissions you have?

~Full Models from Scratch~ 800:points: or $8
This is exactly what it sounds like, as I said in my "Request" section this is a model made 100% from scratch by me in a 3D modeling program (Metasequoia). These Models come with full physics and a basic set of Facials.
1. An adequate number of reference images or extremely detailed description of how the character is to look. As well as the character's age, height and gender (in case I'm meant to be making a trap).

~Extras/Add on's~
- More Facials: Other than my basic list of facials you can get an additional 10 facials from my complete facials list that are not included for 50:points: ($0.50) additional to the total price. There is no limit to how many of those facials you can have just add 50:points: ($0.50) for every 10 facials you add.
Here's a Link to my list of Facials:…
- Additional outfits: If you want a character to have multiple (full) outfits each additional outfit will cost 400:points: or $4 (This includes: Shoes, Pants/Skirt, Top, Hair/Hat/Hair Accessory, Backpack/Bag/Purse, gloves, Jacket, and/or Dress. Basically anything that's not the skin layer)
- Additional outfits (Swimsuits and Bodysuits) : Each of these are an additional 200:points: or $2 I figure due to the simplicity of these compared to what the actual outfits are I'd cut you guys a break with the pricing.
- Custom Bases: If you want me to not use a base that I have already made and make a new base from scratch it will cost an additional 1000:points: or $10.00.

~Rigging Unrigged Parts~ 50:points: or $0.50
I have noticed something as of late, there are a lot of parts out there that look really cool but have zero rigging to them so people can't actually use them. What this is for is those parts or if there's a modeler who doesn't know how to rig but would like to have their models rigged.
(If you want to talk rips I want confirmation from the original modeler that I can rig it for MMD)
1. A file of the part that is to be rigged noted to me. Along with any details that might be needed to make the part fit what you are wanting for it's rigging.
~What You End Up With~
- A fully rigged part that has full physics.


How Many Open Slots Do You Have?

I will try to keep these as open as I can but that all depends on how much work I can get done in how short a time with out sacrificing the quality of what I am doing.

The Number of slots may increase if I find I can make more open, or if I have a large amount of a specific kind of slot that proves to not have enough slots to be able to keep up with supply and demand as well as I am able to handle the total number of slots gong up.

~ Request:
- From Scratch Official Characters: -Currently on Hold-
                             :star: This will be opened sometime after Miku is released

- Model Edits: 3 Slots (1/3 open)
                  [At least 1 slot will be open again sometime in the next 24-48 hours]
                             - :iconjinxabelle: Model edit 90% done.
All I need to add for this one is 1 texture and make her do a cute pose :D
                             - :iconicuremarch: 2 model edits for the same character

- Model Fixes/Help: 2 Slots Open

- Tutorials: 1/3 Slots Open
                             - :iconcelticaife: Tutorials on how to model Tennis Shoes and Afro
     - :iconxxsoulsealerxx: Tutorial on how to export a model from Meta 4 to PMX with bones and facials connected to the model still.

~ Commissions:
- From Scratch Models: -Currently on Hold-
                             :star: This will be opened sometime after Miku is released

- Rigging Unrigged Parts: 2 Slots Open

~Please Note: This list is still under construction and I will be adding things to it over time this is
simply a starting point for me~

~ Things I plan on Adding to the Request list:

~ Things I plan on Adding to the Commissions list: Rigging Full Models, Full Outfits, Bases, Model Parts, Motion Data, Accessories, Stages, Heads and much more.

:star: Please Note :star:
     ~ The speed at which I finish a project is subject to how much spare time I have. If you desire a specific due date an additional charge may apply.
     ~ Otherwise I will provide updates along with how far along in the project I am as I work on it and get farther to keep you up to date.
Commissions/Request Slots Currently Open:
Figured that this might be easier than say just a commission thing.
I want you guys to know that I do in fact do both commissions and request as well as what each of those are.

If you want to take a slot simply leave a comment with details and I will respond as soon as possible :D

Basic Rules:

~ Slots are not filled until after I confirm them with you.
~ Please do not pay for a commission until after the commission is complete and I say it is ready to be sent to you.
~ Don't cause drama simply because there aren't any open slots, I work hard to open slots as soon after they are closed as possible.
~ Have fun

If you're curious about my formal rules for my stuff here's a link to that:…


Q. Why are the "Models from Scratch" on hold?
    A. Because I'd rather finish Miku and use the base I made for her than the one I made for Teto.
Guess who's getting remade
Yeah, I got bored.
So I made a starting point. This is far from done but I have the basic idea set up.
(Yes I just ripped the hair off 2.0 and slapped it on here cause I really like how that hair turned out xD)

I am seriously loving that skirt way too much xD
Anyway, I'm back after being gone for like a month due to hunting for a job cause parents said I needed one.
I'll get to work on my request again as well as finish up Miku's stupid little quarks she has.

I'll just put Teto here behind Neru in my lovely little line of self chosen projects.
Like I said, just a starting point, cause I already know I'm just gonna remake this to look like literally an upgraded version of my 2.0 model.
her boobs are too small due to this technically being Miku's base and it's bugging me...

She also has the chain thing behind her between her legs but it's hard to see right now cause like the hair I ripped it off my 2.0 model so it's coloring is kinda completely wrong at the moment xD
Instead of 2 shades of pink it's black and teal xD

Also, for anyone who's wondering how I can be working on all 3: Miku, Neru and Teto
at the same time there's a very simple answer for that.
Both Miku and Neru are done with their modeling.
Miku is almost done with rigging and when she is Neru will become her "replacement" so to speak.
Teto is filling the gap that Neru held before her modeling was finished. (I am going to redo the skirt on Neru cause she still has the first skirt that I used for Miku xD)
That and I'm relatively faster at modeling than I am rigging/physics/facials. 


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Hello again!! I wanted to formally thank you for joining our group. :iconmmd-extreme:
If you have any questions at all feel free to ask.
We hope you enjoy your experience with the group!! :love:
RJMMD Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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and will do :D

Thank you for letting me join
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KiyokoYokolitlechibi Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did I ever show you the head I made in meta? I can't remember if I did or not...

Here is a picture, in any case~

I was pretty happy with it, at least for a first attempt.

I want to try making better, more defined noses, though. and i'm not sure what to do about mouths.

I was thinking of maybe trying to do something like with Kio's mouths, where the actual mouth is a seperate part. (Hope that makes sense, lol.)

I also want to do better job on the eyes, specifically the black parts (eyelashes?) I kind of like how I made the eyes be follow-me, though. xD

Ignore the hair and ears, though, they're just terrible.

I'm gonna try making a new, hopefully better head soon.
KiyokoYokolitlechibi Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooo, custom dolls~~ I need to make a few more points so that I can get one of those. x3 And design a character, lol.
RJMMD Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rofl yeah I made them cheep in price to try to make doing that pretty easy :D
(Really I have all prices for custom stuffz mapped out kinda for that same reason)

And now you've got me curious as to what the design would look like :D
KiyokoYokolitlechibi Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome~ Hmm, I have enough points now but now I have to decide on a character...Or maybe i'll get 2, eheh. (Can you make four-legged animals?)

One of them would probably be my new Pokemon Trainer oc...But i'm still working on her model, eheh. Btw, i'm not sure if i've asked you before or not, but how do you make sleeves? ;v; I made a tanktop that looks pretty damn good (if I do say so myself), but i'd really like to turn it into a t-shirt and sleeves are just...So difficult. *sob*
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